Saturday, January 17, 2015

Hakuna Matata

AHHH! Yay! I have a finish! The first of, hopefully several, for 2015!

Let me back track a little. I finally received the two brown thread colors I was missing for The Lion King. Aaaaaaand apparently I miscounted the pearl filament (aka the evil sparkly thread) so I was just a little short on what I needed to finish. Oops. I did, once again, email MCG but I really wanted to finish this one. So I stole two strands from another kit to use for this one.

I stayed up WAY later than I should have to get this thing done, but I couldn't help myself. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and I was sprinting towards it. At about 3 am I crossed the finish line (told you it was really late, lol).

Please pardon the stray dog hairs I probably missed... the pooches like to "help" 

I love the finished product, however the backstitching tried to test my patience. Oh my goodness there were such tiny tiny tiny little stitches. Simba is so adorable and Rafiki looks fantastic! The overall look was more than worth it. I have also found out that I suck at french knots. I'll have to do a lot more practice before I finish Beauty and the Beast. There are hundreds of little knots on that one!

This one probably won't be framed for a little while so I'll update on that at a later date.

Grumpy Owl is ready to be kitted up now that The Lion King is done. I love the fabric I got from It's a 32-count linen, which in my weirdness I forgot was a real linen and not evenweave. I know, I know it says linen right in the title... I'm a dork. Oddly enough it actually isn't that uneven.

The color is amazing, the photo doesn't really do it much justice. It's a more peachy color that seems to go pretty well with all the floss so far. I was surprised by some of the floss colors but I can't wait to see how they all look when they're stitched!! First I must spend my time bobbinating all this floss.

Time for an MCG update..... I emailed MCG again (as you skimmed read a minute ago) about the evil sparkly thread. What did I receive in response? Well, exactly that. A response. I was shocked since I still haven't heard anything about the fabric for Fantasia. They told me they never received the email and asked that I resend it. I forwarded the original message. No reply. Sent a new message with the same content in case there was a problem with the first one. Again, no reply. So I responded to the one they apparently did receive asking if they saw anything. No reply. I was almost in tears I was so beyond frustrated. Can't do anything about it today since it's the weekend. If I have no response by Monday afternoon, I'll be hunting down a phone number to call instead.

I suppose I bring this upon myself since I keep purchasing these kits, but they're the ONLY ones who make them. No other company has Disney patterns/charts/kits that compare to Thomas Kinkade's work. He was a crazy talented artist and these pieces are what got me into stitching again after so many years. Ugh.

I do want to thank you all for your kind and spirit boosting comments. They all make my day every time!


  1. Wow that is an absolutely stunning finish. I don't blame you for wanting to stay up and hey it all done. The fabric you choose for grumpy owl is beautiful. Looking forward to your start. Sorry to hear you have been having problems with getting your kit issues sorted, that is very frustrating. I hope it gets sorted soon for you.

  2. Congratulations one the wonderful finish Caitlin. You did a fantastic job. Sorry about the kit problems. Here is the phone number listed on their website: 951-674-1350. They are in Lake Elsinore, Ca.


  3. great finish! I love little Simba!

  4. The Lion King is stunning, it looks much better than the cover picture of the kit and I'm now really looking forward to starting mine :) All your horror stories about MCG scare me though...I only finished one of their designs so far (the small little mermaid one) and I had plenty left over of every color. I really hope that somehow, you just managed to grab all the faulty ones, and that it's not a general problem...

  5. What an awesome finish! I can see why you wanted to stay up late. Sorry to hear about your problems with that company. It just be really frustrating when you don't have any choice but to order from them. I think you should just put it to one side and work on Grumpy Owl (which I love). The fabric you've chosen is perfect.

  6. Congratulations on a fantabulous finish!!!

  7. The Lion King is stunning! It's lovely. :)

  8. Wow--that is such a great finish, Caitlin!! Congratulations :)

  9. I finally got my butt in gear and found your blog! So sorry it took me this long. LOVE this finish, The Lion King was always my favorite cartoon. You've done a lovely job stitching it. Congrats on the finish! :D

  10. I love The Lion King and your stitching is great! So fun!

  11. A great finish! And all the backstitching was definitely worth it like in most cases. You've got a wondefrfully dyed piece of linen, such a lovely peach colour.
    Sorry to hera that you are having such a lot of problems with MCG. I hope that you meanwhile managed to get in touch with them. Must be so frustrating.

  12. Beautiful finish Caitlin, backstitching always makes a difference. Pretty fabric.

  13. What a beautiful finish! Congrats!!!


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