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I am a 25 year old crafter, insurance agent, "mother" of two furbabies, girlfriend of a crazy biker, and the list goes on. I currently live in Western Kentucky, and have lived previously in AR, OK, NJ and FL. I feel like I'm state jumping my way across the USA. Hopefully we're finally settled for a few years here.

My DB has somehow managed to put up with my incessant crafting and my inane ability to find sales and purchase all of the crafts I love so dearly.

I have been crafting for nearly all my life. There were times I quit for awhile but I would always come back to it. It's a release for me to just be able to sit down and be totally engrossed in what I'm doing. Plus its a ton of fun!

I started cross stitching about 3 years ago and in that time didn't really accomplish many projects. Something would always get in the way, but recently I've been making much better progress. Of course I started out with a MASSIVE project, and have thrown a few others in the mix to break up the monotony.

I have recently realized that, for as much as I like the smalls, the large pieces tend to be the direction that I go in. Many long updates before these puppies are done!

Hopefully you'll enjoy following me through the craziness of my crafty life!

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