Ever-growing WIPs

I'm a hoarder for all things crafty. I somehow manage to accumulate more and more projects faster than I can finish them. This is the list, to date, of all of my ongoing WIPs.
Most are still in rotation, surprisingly.

Thomas Kinkade, Beauty and the Beast Falling in Love
Started some time in 2012 (I think)
As of 2/25/15

This one is HUGE, and is actually the first project I've ever started. Needless to say I haven't gotten very far in the 3 years I've had it, but I'm plugging away at it little by little.

Oohlenschlager, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Started 11/16/14
As of 02/21/15

A Danish design I stumbled across on Ebay (the money sucking place that it is). It's a large wall hanging I would like to finish before May (I'm dreaming) 2015

HAED - Jodi Bergsma - Hummers
Started 01/01/15
As of 02/11/15

HAED - Annya Kai - Grumpy Owl
Started 01/24/15
As of 02/05/15

Dimensions - Hummingbird Welcome
Started Unknown, my grandmother did half and sent to me to finish
As of 02/15/15

Dimensions Paintworks - Canoe by The Lake
Started 10/15/14
As of 10/30/14

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