Thursday, July 31, 2014

Motorcycle Mania

Dear friends,
We, as in my DB, are now the proud owners of yet another Harley. I must say, it is in very good condition for being an '83, however with a loose rear fender I was not able to join in on the inaugural ride. Something about how it would probably snap off if my skinny hind end sat on it.
In other news, my Mom purchased a Shark steam mop for me and set pickup at my Walmart. I cannot WAIT to go get it. Strange I know, but I have been dying to purchase one. The house we moved into when we came to KY has nothing but wood floors. Zero carpet. Which makes perfect sense since we had just purchased a brand new vacuum about 2 months before we left AR. That house had next to nothing but carpet. Go figure.
I will have to "review" this bad boy over the weekend if I don't get a wild hair and try using it tonight.
There has been no progress to speak of on the Angel of Christmas. Disheartening, but the new shed had to be purchased and put together to house the growing motorcycle collection.
Provided my plans go as they are laid out, there will also be a viewing of Heaven is for Real at some point this weekend. Not something I think DB will sit down long enough to watch, so it will have to be done while he is at work, which is fine by me. The furry ones and I will have a movie afternoon with a little stitching thrown in there somewhere. There's a ton of organizing I do need to get done this weekend but we shall see how far we make it!

Please feel free to follow my blog! Happy stitching, happy living!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Movie Review and Update

Dear friends,
Finally made our "date night" on Saturday. We went to watch the new Transformers movie (missed seeing it in 3D unfortunately) and I must say I was slightly disappointed in the story line. The graphics were amazing as usual but it seemed to lack the flow the first 3 movies had. When the story first starts, you feel like you've missed out on something and it never fully describes how things got to the point they're at. Probably has something to do with the fact that none of the original actors bothered to have any part of this film.
I did enjoy the movie despite its flaws and will more than likely add it to my collection when it is released on DVD.
The previews for Hercules did catch my attention, yet I doubt I'll get to see that one until it's on DVD. We don't typically make it to the theater and I am more than happy to watch most movies from the comfort of my couch. I do normally watch at least one movie a week however since we've moved I haven't had a chance. One of my grand plans for the week does consist of visiting our local rental store to see what they have and actually set up an account so I can start watching all the releases I've missed in the past 3 months. Needless to say I have quite a bit of catching up to do.
On another note, the Angel of Christmas is coming along nicely. I would say there are about 100 stitches left before all the little details must begin... backstitching, french knots, etc. I am so thrilled she has been coming along so nicely and can not wait to see this piece finished. It will feel nice to finally have something finished since I seem to be the queen of starting a million projects and taking my sweet time to finish them!

Soon I will be trying my hand at matting and framing my own piece! I figure it's well worth the money I'll spend getting supplies since it will allow me to frame so many things for a fraction of the cost it would take if I had it done for me. What can I say, I am cheap :)
That's all for the moment folks!
Happy stitching, happy living!

Saturday, July 26, 2014


It's that time! Wish I could stay longer but the movie theater is calling my name!!

Please check it out at the link on the right!!

Dog Days of Summer

Dear friends,
I awoke this morning to a missing GSD who is so aptly named Brick, as in he's as thick as......
He decided to somehow open the gate and take a stroll around the neighborhood. We did finally find him and bring him back home, in one piece, and all is once again right with the world.
With such a hectic week I, unfortunately have no update on the Angel of Christmas.
I am however pleased to show you my new clock!! Purchased from Hobby Lobby, one of my all time favorite stores.

It reminds me of the Salvador Dali painting that my mom used to have as a magnet on our fridge growing up.
I absolutely love it!! Hopefully I will have a chance to stitch some more this weekend. Must get through my Saturday appointments first. Plus tonight is supposed to be "date night" and I am beyond ready to go see the new Transformers movie. Seems like I've missed my chance to see it in 3D around here, but I still want to see it! I will have to update you tomorrow on my own review. Never trust the critics! Ha.
Please feel free to follow and post a comment so I can return the favor!
Happy stitching, happy living!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Update

Dear friends,
I'm so glad to be back online, after my failed attempt at an update this weekend, I thought it would be a good idea to begin the week anew with a visit to the blogger-world.
Friday and Saturday night both were spent at a friend's house having a whirlwind cookout weekend! I'm not sure where the time went, but it was absolutely a blast. Of course the men decided it was high time to pull out all the motorcycles and vehicles and decide who could do the better burn out. Let me tell you, the smell of burnt rubber is not on the top of my list for future Yankee Candle scents, however they seemed to love it.
Saturday morning and early afternoon were spent at work, fortunately I did get to sleep in just a bit. I was able to stitch a little between work and play, but only just a bit.
Sunday was somewhat more productive at home. Our neighbor gave us a patio table and 4 chairs that she wasn't using any longer which was a huge blessing. Just the day before we had discussed the need for one as the last time we had people over we were severely lacking in the outdoor seating department. Sadly, one of the chairs has seen better days and will probably be irreparable, but the cost on us is now SO much less that I'm not even against purchasing a whole slew of new chairs now that I don't have to buy a ridiculously expensive table.
I washed/wiped down all the chairs and the table, although I did have to wait for DB to make it home to help me put the top on the table. Now it's all set up and ready for our next BBQ! The citronella candle has proven itself worthy of the stupid amount of money that they charge for one anymore. I can't seem to get rid of the mosquito population that seems to be multiplying in my backyard faster than in the rest of the state. Any suggestions would be more than welcome!!
I managed to locate the dog park in town and decided it was high time that the GSD got out of the house and played with dogs his own size. My Chihuahua had a break from his brother as he was left at home this time. Normally he does join us on our outings, but being a new dog park, I wanted to check it out first.
The temperature did decide to hike itself back up a little higher than it has been, and my hairy beast of a dog was quite warm. They do have a spot for the pups to get their own water and a few visitors were smart enough to bring plastic containers for water which he happily drank about all of. Of course I did refill them since there were so many that looked pathetically hot. I've always felt bad for dogs with tons of fur in the summer...
All in all a fairly productive, and busy, weekend. I will leave you with the progress made on the Angel of Christmas (photo to be posted later tonight so keep a lookout!)... I'm getting dangerously close to all of the backstitching that needs to be done. This may be an interesting endeavor as I have yet to attempt this before!

I started with the gold thread too which adds a nice sparkle. It'd a little hard to see in the picture but it really makes the project pop!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Crazy Busy!

Oh my goodness I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted! Talk about a crazy, long, busy week!
I have been insanely busy at work. The appointments with prospective clients have been slim pickings which leaves me with a ton of phone calls and more door knocks than I care to do. (Literally cold leads who have the privilege of seeing my skinny little body on their front porch)
There has been some progress on the Angel of Christmas, but we've spent the better half of our time off work with friends, which I must admit I much prefer. I love the company of our friends and wouldn't trade them for anything.

I will leave you with this for now and promise a real update tomorrow.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Feels like a Monday

I have been convinced, all day mind you, that it is Monday. Thankfully it is not since my week wouldn't be anywhere near ending! So I thought it would be a good day for a quick update!!
I managed to work a little more on the Angel. It's a little hard to make out, but more of the white wispy thing is finished above her head and in the bottom of the dress. Got some more of the green trim done too!

It's coming along, but summer is always the hardest season to find time to work on my crafts. There is either a cookout, boat, or anything that has to do with the outdoors calling my name. During the week, however, I do tend to stay in after work which does afford me SOME time to craft (after dinner, laundry, and of course the puppies!).

Monday, July 7, 2014

Wedding Weekend

Dear friends,
It has been a heck of a weekend to say the least. My apologies for not posing until today, but this weekend was certainly packed full of things to do with no time in between!
DB and I left Kentucky at about 4:20 am on Thursday on the motorcycle planning on a 8 - 9 hour drive to Michigan. Well weren't we surprised when it took us about 12 - 13 hours to get there! The temperature, that was supposed to be very mild, was well below a happy temp and resulted in us stopping at Walmart and purchasing 4 sweatshirts to add to our collection of clothing.
Needless to say my behind was quite numb and just a little frozen by the time we made it. The girls were all out getting their nails done and I joined, albeit 2 hours late, followed by the last night out on the town as a "single lady" for the bride-to-be.
DB and the guys did the same (minus the nails of course) although it appeared, the next morning, that they tried their darndest to kill the groom!
Fast forward to Saturday. D-Day. The wedding! Absolutely beautiful!! The service was a full Catholic mass which was actually over quicker than I expected. The bride was stunning and glowing, the groom was alive and handsome and the whole day went off without a hitch.
Sunday morning rolled around WAY to soon and we were back on the motorcycle by 9 am to start our journey back home. Fortunately the weather cooperated and we completely skipped the horrid traffic in Chicago by detouring through Indiana most of the first part of the trip.

Beautiful Indiana
Finally made it home and I don't recall anything after I took a long shower. I did, however, make it to the bed. I'm sure you have all realized that there was zero time to stitch, but my plan is to attempt to catch up this week on the Angel of Christmas. It does have to be finished and framed by October 4th so I shall be stitching until my little fingers fall off!

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