Monday, June 30, 2014

Stitch in Free Time

Hello friends. I figure it's time to update/start showing the progress on the current project in rotation. I actually found some time to sit down and get some stitching done.
DB went out with friends Saturday night and I stayed home which meant many hours of peace and quiet to do what I love. And laundry, but we won't talk about that as it's no fun. Managed to make some progress on the Christmas Angel for my grandmother that needs to be finished by October. I know that sounds like plenty of time, and I'm sure it is, but for those of us who feel a little slow on the whole cross stitching thing, it doesn't sound like nearly enough time!

Some more of her dress, mostly the white parts in the middle, were finished/started. Also managed some of the green trim at the bottom left. No backstitching yet, mainly because I've never done it before and I just want to finish all the little x's before I start the details.
I did take a break to go shopping on Sunday for DB's sister's wedding on the 5th. I figured it was about time to buy a dress and I hadn't even started looking yet! Fortunately the discount gods were on my side and I managed to snag a dress for under $20.00 (originally $75) so I really can't complain. Plus it's gorgeous and will double nicely as a dress for work. I'll get a picture of it one of these days. My whole shopping trip took about 1 hour, a record for me, as I am usually way too picky and take a month to decide anything.
On a side note, however, I finally made it to the Michael's in town and was pleasantly surprised by the fact that they have, albeit very few, lovely cross stitch things. A much better supply than the last Michael's I lived near. There don't seem to be any smaller shops other than the major chains near here. I believe the nearest one is about 3.5 hours away. There may be a weekend road trip in my near future...

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