Monday, July 7, 2014

Wedding Weekend

Dear friends,
It has been a heck of a weekend to say the least. My apologies for not posing until today, but this weekend was certainly packed full of things to do with no time in between!
DB and I left Kentucky at about 4:20 am on Thursday on the motorcycle planning on a 8 - 9 hour drive to Michigan. Well weren't we surprised when it took us about 12 - 13 hours to get there! The temperature, that was supposed to be very mild, was well below a happy temp and resulted in us stopping at Walmart and purchasing 4 sweatshirts to add to our collection of clothing.
Needless to say my behind was quite numb and just a little frozen by the time we made it. The girls were all out getting their nails done and I joined, albeit 2 hours late, followed by the last night out on the town as a "single lady" for the bride-to-be.
DB and the guys did the same (minus the nails of course) although it appeared, the next morning, that they tried their darndest to kill the groom!
Fast forward to Saturday. D-Day. The wedding! Absolutely beautiful!! The service was a full Catholic mass which was actually over quicker than I expected. The bride was stunning and glowing, the groom was alive and handsome and the whole day went off without a hitch.
Sunday morning rolled around WAY to soon and we were back on the motorcycle by 9 am to start our journey back home. Fortunately the weather cooperated and we completely skipped the horrid traffic in Chicago by detouring through Indiana most of the first part of the trip.

Beautiful Indiana
Finally made it home and I don't recall anything after I took a long shower. I did, however, make it to the bed. I'm sure you have all realized that there was zero time to stitch, but my plan is to attempt to catch up this week on the Angel of Christmas. It does have to be finished and framed by October 4th so I shall be stitching until my little fingers fall off!


  1. Hi, thanks for following my blog :-) Congratulations on starting yours too.
    Hints and tips:
    Add a Followers button (you can find it on the second page of the Gadgets on your Dashboard)
    Add an email so people can respond to comments.
    Leave some comments LOL People will nearly always come and check out your blog if you comment as well as follow.
    Join in with some events, the TUSAL is a great start. Have a look at my side-bar for more.
    Any techincal questions, just ask, always happy to help.

    1. Thank you so much! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help. I've been so glad to see there are others as in love with their crafts as I am.
      I did join the TUSAL first. Seemed to be a good way to see what others are doing and make me keep working on all these projects!


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