Thursday, July 31, 2014

Motorcycle Mania

Dear friends,
We, as in my DB, are now the proud owners of yet another Harley. I must say, it is in very good condition for being an '83, however with a loose rear fender I was not able to join in on the inaugural ride. Something about how it would probably snap off if my skinny hind end sat on it.
In other news, my Mom purchased a Shark steam mop for me and set pickup at my Walmart. I cannot WAIT to go get it. Strange I know, but I have been dying to purchase one. The house we moved into when we came to KY has nothing but wood floors. Zero carpet. Which makes perfect sense since we had just purchased a brand new vacuum about 2 months before we left AR. That house had next to nothing but carpet. Go figure.
I will have to "review" this bad boy over the weekend if I don't get a wild hair and try using it tonight.
There has been no progress to speak of on the Angel of Christmas. Disheartening, but the new shed had to be purchased and put together to house the growing motorcycle collection.
Provided my plans go as they are laid out, there will also be a viewing of Heaven is for Real at some point this weekend. Not something I think DB will sit down long enough to watch, so it will have to be done while he is at work, which is fine by me. The furry ones and I will have a movie afternoon with a little stitching thrown in there somewhere. There's a ton of organizing I do need to get done this weekend but we shall see how far we make it!

Please feel free to follow my blog! Happy stitching, happy living!

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