Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dog Days of Summer

Dear friends,
I awoke this morning to a missing GSD who is so aptly named Brick, as in he's as thick as......
He decided to somehow open the gate and take a stroll around the neighborhood. We did finally find him and bring him back home, in one piece, and all is once again right with the world.
With such a hectic week I, unfortunately have no update on the Angel of Christmas.
I am however pleased to show you my new clock!! Purchased from Hobby Lobby, one of my all time favorite stores.

It reminds me of the Salvador Dali painting that my mom used to have as a magnet on our fridge growing up.
I absolutely love it!! Hopefully I will have a chance to stitch some more this weekend. Must get through my Saturday appointments first. Plus tonight is supposed to be "date night" and I am beyond ready to go see the new Transformers movie. Seems like I've missed my chance to see it in 3D around here, but I still want to see it! I will have to update you tomorrow on my own review. Never trust the critics! Ha.
Please feel free to follow and post a comment so I can return the favor!
Happy stitching, happy living!

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  1. Look for my first TUSAL update coming later today!


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