Saturday, December 27, 2014

Its The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Dear Friends,

We had a wonderful Christmas! I hope yours were full of fun and family. I'm enjoying seeing the photos everyone is posting!

DB's dad was with us for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day which was a wonderful treat for both of us. As the rest of our family members are many hours away it was nice to have someone here besides the two of us. Dinner was amazing both nights. DB made steak for Christmas Eve and, after presents were opened, I made enough food to feed the neighborhood on Christmas Day. Basically Thanksgiving dinner again with ham instead of turkey. I personally love ham more, but DB is enamored with his turkey. I get one holiday and he gets the other. Fair I think.

"Santa" must have thought we were pretty good this year if the presents under the tree were any indication. I didn't put them out until Christmas Eve since I was worried the dogs would decide all the presents were for them. This is our first Christmas at our house, we're normally going off to visit someone. Thank goodness they were good boys! Their reward was totally worth the wait. New bones and toys galore.

I got a scroll frame for Christmas!!!!!!!! Yay!!! I almost jumped out of my seat I was so happy! It came with three different sizes (three, isn't that awesome), but I think I'll wind up using the largest size most often. There aren't many small patterns in my repertoire. I may try to change that this year, but no promises.

My newest Disney pattern, Fantasia, is finally mine!! This will be the piece I'm using for Jo's Gifted Gorgeousness SAL. Time to get my fabric ready. :-)

DB's dad also gave me this little picture frame. I thought it was so cute. Now I just have to find something to put in it. Neither one of us is a big fan of photos so we don't have too many of us anywhere. Maybe a picture of the boys is a better idea. ;)

I took the day after Christmas off, since no one wanted to meet with me to discuss anything for work anyway, and I managed to get my fabric gridded for my HAED start for the New Stitchy Start SAL. Yay! I decided, after much deliberation, to only grid the horizontal strips. We'll see how much I like it once I start, but it took SO long I really don't want to do anymore. (The photo wouldn't turn for me so its turned on it's side)

Also managed to bobbinate all 12 bazillion colors for this piece!

I'm having a hard time NOT starting this one until Jan 1. I'm so ready!! Can't start Fantasia either.......!

Speaking of HAED, for those of you that are unaware, their 35% off sale is ending today. I'm in the final moments of deciding if I need to buy myself one small storykeep pattern. More specifically, THIS one. It's so cute and so appropriate for me.

Onto Beauty and the Beast. TONS of progress! I'm basically finished with the second quarter of this piece. Only a few stray stitches along the bottom of the right top quarter that I'll get to as I stitch the bottom right quarter. You can really tell it's the Beast now and even Belle is beginning to make her debut. I haven't finished the rainbow either. Let me tell you how much I hate the sparkly thread that these kits come with. I avoid it like the plague. It really does make the piece look beautiful, but UGH! Hopefully I'll get the courage up to stitch it this weekend.

That's all for now dears. I'll be here, very impatiently waiting to start my new stitchy pieces in 2015.


  1. I'm right there with you I'm chomping at the but to start paradise which im using for both SALs.

  2. What a wonderful Christmas. I'm ready to start my new stitchy start too! I am still working on my grid. I decided to only grid the verticals LOL. But I wasn't sure so I'm only doing a few pages.

  3. Lovely gifts Caitlin. Your stitching is looking awesome. I don't even want to think about how many skeins of floss that I need to bobbinate.


  4. Sounds like you had a quite wonderful christmas, I'm glad about that :) Also congrats on the page finish on Beauty & Beast, and on getting Fantasia! Though it's not the newest anymore, a few days ago Winnie the Pooh was released :)

  5. I'm so glad to read your Christmas was so special and the dogs behaved themselves :) Your tree is very pretty and I continue to be amazed at your progress on that huge piece--it's looking grand!

    Happy New Year to you and your family--hope it is filled with lots of love and laughter!


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