Monday, December 15, 2014

Quick Update

Hello Friends,

It was a hectic weekend once again. I feel like this is a common theme recently. Must have something to do with all the running around before the holidays!

The most exciting news - my surprise project was finished and mailed out! This was the first time sending something overseas and honestly that customs form is just silly. Oh well. It was sent without a problem and now I must wait until she receives it......... tick tock. I'm not very good at waiting. I must do so, however, as I don't want to share the photos of the finished piece until it's received.

There was a little progress on Beauty and the Beast, I didn't stitch much of anything on Saturday and with Sunday being DB's birthday, not much happened there either.

For good news, I did manage to find the 25-count linen I was in need of for my HAED piece! I purchased the ONLY piece they had in the entire store. I really need a cross stitch store somewhere closer than 3 hours away. :-( Fortunately with the coupon I had it cut about $5 off the price so why not buy some floss!? I kept it small and only bought the first 20 skeins listed. I haven't had the chance to start winding bobbins or gridding my fabric. Ugh. At least I'm getting there!

We are planning to go out for DB's birthday dinner tonight, so I'm not thinking there will be much time for anything else. We tried to go yesterday, but much to my dismay, the restaurant apparently doesn't open on Sunday. Oops. Oh well, he gets one extra night of birthday fun!

That's all I have for the moment. I know there's more I need to update, but I've been in a rather crummy mood for the past 3 days and honestly I just feel blah. Tomorrow will bring better things I hope. :-)

As always, please feel free to comment. I love hearing from all of you!


  1. Such a pretty design Caitlin. Nice progress.


  2. I love seeing every stitch put into Beauty & Beast, it's such a lovely design...also, congrats on finding your fabric, can't wait to see you start the HEAD as well!

    Hope you'll feel better soon, we all know this kind of days :)

  3. I saw the beauty and the beast done up somewhere and its reall nice. Hope you get time to work on it soon. I got 18 ct fabric because that's all I could find. It will make my HAED really big. I may keep looking for 25 ct....still have a little time LOL. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Glad you found the fabric you needed.
    Lovely progress, it is such a sweet design.

  5. Lovely stitching and so glad you found the fabric x

  6. Great progress on Beaity and the Beast. Lucky you were able to pick ipthefabric you need.

  7. I'm always so impressed by stitchers like you who do these intricate pieces--it's looking great, Caitlin!!


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