Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree!

Hello dear friends,

I have a Christmas tree! A real tree! DB and I managed to get all the lights strung and the ornaments on Sunday night and I love it. Originally we didn't realize we had all of his ornaments so we were planning on purchasing a few to fill in the holes. Haha. So glad we did NOT do that. Between what he has and all those my grandmother sent, our tree is very full. Unfortunately with a GSD roaming the house, most of our ornaments need to go very near the top as they are fragile. So far so good. One night down, many more to go.

I had to snap a photo with the lights on (mainly so you can see the ornaments) and another with the lights off (to show off my lights of course). Please ignore the fact that there is no tree topper at the moment. We have yet to find one we both like...

The remainder of my lights will be going up outside when I have 5 free minutes. Not sure when that will be.

Most of my Christmas shopping was started and finished Saturday. A few things had to be ordered, most of which were mailed straight to the recipient with only a few I have to go pick up from the store. I even managed to get DB's birthday present purchased and wrapped (in Christmas paper because I have nothing else).

I was slacking Sunday and Monday night since the Red Tent was on Lifetime. For those of you unaware of what I'm talking about. Many moons ago Anita Diamant wrote a book titled "The Red Tent." It tells the story of Dinah, the only daughter of Jacob. You follow her through her life and watch as her story intertwines with those more popular (ie. Joseph and the coat of many colors, etc.). If you have not read this I would highly suggest picking up a copy here. I thought it was a fantastic book, and the depiction of this story in movie form was great.

Enough on that. Onto the stitching news.

Not much progress on Beauty and the Beast since yesterday (seen here). The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was on and I had to watch. My yearly tradition. :-)

I did, finally, decide on a piece to use for A New Stitchy Start. I put on my big girl panties and took what felt like the Polar Bear Plunge into purchasing and committing to my first ever...... drum roll please...... HAED pattern. Ah!! Without further ado, here she is!!

Humming birds are my absolute favorite bird, and this is a beautiful piece by Jody Bergsma. I've spent more time than I care to admit trying to decide on a chart. My original plan was to try a QS first, but this one screamed my name too loudly for me to ignore. So I bit the bullet. I was questioning my sanity as I watched the one billion pages of charts print, but so far I'm not too terribly intimidated. Okay I lied, yes I am. But that will NOT stop me from trying.

I'm debating on attempting parking my thread as I go. I know this one will be way more confetti-ish than normal. Ugh. So many new things to try on one poor little project. :-) I am hoping to have my floss purchased (or at the very least located) by the end of this week. Fabric may take me a minute to decide on. I don't think I'm comfortable enough stitching on linen to try something of this magnitude, so it's possible that I'll be stuck back with aida. Not the worlds worst idea.

I believe that's all my little heart can handle for the moment. I love reading your comments and am always surprised when there's a new follower or two! Thank you all for keeping me going!!

Until next time. :-)


  1. Your tree looks beautiful!
    Lovely new start too x

  2. Wishing you good luck for the new HAED start!!! I tried & failed miserably... so I will be admiring your progress :)
    You chose a lovely designs.
    Your tree looks fantastic! Ours will be going up on Friday I think :)

  3. You could always try evenweave. It's not as intimidating as linen because the threads are all even and won't give you a giant project like Aida. Unless you're stitching over 2. How many pages is hummingbirds?

  4. Your tree is gorgeous Caitlin. I pick up at least a dozen ornaments everyday. 2 of my furbabies are very bad. I bought a HAED, but I don't think I'm brave enough to start it yet.


  5. Your tree looks splendid.
    Good luck with the HAED, I started one and ended up giving It away after many attempts to 'try again' with it.

  6. First......the tree looks lovely!!
    And then....YAY! Your choice for your first HAED is lovely!!
    I started my first one this year :) It's really not that bad....the confetti can be a bit fiddly but put it aside...and when you next pick it up you'll love working on it :) I'm doing mine on evenweave over 1.

    There's an excellent tutorial for parking threads....

    I used this as a guide to get me going on the whole idea of parking :)

    Good luck....ENJOY! And I'm looking forward to watching your journey with this lovely piece :)

  7. I read the red tent loved it, didn't know there was a movie on it, darn it would have like to have seen it!

  8. Your tree is really pretty, and so is your HEAD chart, can't wait to see your work on it :)


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