Thursday, February 12, 2015

Falling Behind

I'm sorry I suck this week. I was planning on posting a review on my new thread organizer this past Monday which I totally failed at. I didn't manage to get my threads switched over like I wanted to. Honestly I've just had a crappy week, and don't feel like doing anything or for that matter being around anyone...

It did brighten my spirits, however, to see Jacquie back from her hospital confinement. Bionic leg and all! If you missed that she's home, go give her some more love. Lord knows we can all use it sometimes. :-)

That being said, I have been very lax at commenting on new posts. I have been reading them and checking out all the lovely new things going on. I'll be back out of my slump soon and back to bombarding you all with notes!

There's been a little progress on Hummers since my last update. Being in a bum mood doesn't bode well for my stitching. :-/ I think I may pull my Snow White wall hanging back out of hiding this weekend and frog the screw-up so I can get some more done. Possibly a change of project, one that's not so tedious, will bring my happy back from hiding.

I shall leave you all with a progress photo.

Until next time :-)


  1. Sending happy thoughts your way, hope you are soon feeling much brighter. I saw Jacqui was home, that brightened my day. Xxx

  2. Ah,hope you are feeling brighter soon! I am going to be trawling your blog shortly looking for your bookmark instructions as I have two that need finishing and I believe your tutorial is very good!

  3. Holy confetti lol it looks good though. Good luck getting back on track!

  4. Nice progress. Sending hugs and happy thoughts your way Caitlin.


  5. Don't you stress Caitlin :) We've all gone through the doldrums at some stage or the other so we do understand xx

  6. I hope the slump doesn't last too long! That sucks. Great progress, though! :D

  7. So sorry to hear that you have been down lately. Your work on Hummers is amazing though. I hope you feel better very soon.

  8. We all have the slump from time to time, I hope you'll get out of yours sooner rather than later :)

  9. Lovely stitching!
    Sending you hugs & happy thoughts :)

  10. I hope this coming week goes better for you, Caitlin... At this time of the year, the winter doldrums often kick in... Hang in there and stitch something bright and springy :)

  11. This is definitely the time of year for losing one's mojo - join the ranks. :)
    Spring is just around the corner and soon you'll be bright eyed and bush tailed! Happy weekend.

  12. I'm totally awed at your projects. I've done one project that was almost all solid stitching and it took me 10 years to get it done, and only with the help of great friend who finished it for me So any progress you are making is a lot more than I would do. going to lurk on your blog more often.


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