Friday, February 6, 2015

Grumpy Owl Restart & Other Stuff

Again I want to thank you all for your help in deciding what to do with Grumpy Owl. I finally have some real progress to show you! Yay! I'm stitching this on 32-count 1 over 1. Surprisingly it's going rather quickly for having such tiny little holes.

I am LOVING the colors so far. The fabric looks perfect, I honestly wasn't too sure about it when I originally purchased it. Granted I loved the fabric, just wasn't sure how the design would look against it. The photo on the left is a little more accurate in color.

Straying away from kits and actually being able to put some of my own creativity into the project is proving addictive. Joining Blogger and being able to see everyone else's takes on different projects/patterns has really been an inspiration.

Don't worry, my Disney kits will be making their appearance again soon. I haven't forgotten about them.

More good news. My floss organizer came in early! I picked it up this afternoon and will be posting a review on Monday after I get some time to really use it and see how much I like it. I have very high hopes for this little bugger.

Confession time. I bought another pattern. There is no hope for me. Lol. A little back-story first. When I first joined Blogger, I was looking around at tons of other posts and had seen THIS post from Suz at Crafty Weasel. Its parts of the Wee Beasties collection by Terrence Nolan. I found the designs so cool, which is high praise for someone who detests bugs. Thus began my search for these elusive patterns. Much to my dismay I found that they are OOP. :-(

Ebay to the rescue! I managed to find one, Common Green Darner, that I bid on and won for a very decent price. It will take a little while before I can start stitching this one since I have none of the thread I need. It calls for lots of Kreinik which I've never stitched with.

If any of you find one of these and don't want it yourself, I would appreciate a heads up. :-)


  1. Grumpy Owl looks great on that fabric Caitlin. I love the blue shades. Sorry, can't help you with the charts.


  2. Grumpy Owl is looking great :-) beautiful design by Terrence Nolan

  3. Love those colors in Grumpy Owl! Congrats on your purchase too :D

  4. Arrggghhhh, I totally missed your post about having to start this beauty! But yes I think the advice you got was spot on, and now you are stitching the gorgeous grumpiness himself already! Love it love it love it.

  5. You will have a lot more fun with this project now.

  6. Fabulous & colourful start!! Yes, the fabric is just perfect against the hues of blues :) Sorry, I'm no help with the charts :(

  7. The Blues are amazing on that fabric, good choice.

    There is a FB group called Cross Stitch Hunting where you can ask if people have seen a certain design for sale or have it themselves. You could try there for the bugs.


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