Thursday, February 26, 2015

So Much Greatness!

Hello all! This may be quite the long post.

We're still stuck with horribly cold temperatures and ice galore. Fortunately it has melted off of the roads, but everyones yards and several driveways are still a little treacherous. The poor UPS man has almost busted his rear end delivering packages to me. We won't even discuss the USPS man who has to walk up and down the streets and through everyone's yards delivering the daily mail. Happily they are still delivering which has provided me with so many lovely things!!


Thankfully I am not participating in the SFS group this half of the year or I would have failed miserably. My personal budget hasn't really "suffered" as I don't usually spend much money on myself anyway. So, thanks to ebay (the evil money-sucking place), I am now the proud owner of 3 Mirabilia patterns. And some fabric. And some embellishments. Now before you start shaking your heads, they were all DIRT cheap!!!! I almost couldn't believe it honestly.

I wound up with the entire kit for Fairy Moon (chart, Kreinik, DMC, beads and fabric) for a little under $30.00. Upon receipt I did realize that one of the DMC colors is incorrect, through no real fault of the seller. The number kind of looks like a 0 but it's a 6. Those of you who are familiar with these designs may know what I'm talking about... the font is a little funky. So I must go get one skein of floss, but $0.33 is not going to break me. Here she is in all her glory! I hope to start her this weekend. :-)

See the bright-ish pink thread... that's the culprit!

The other two charts, both with fabric, are Sleeping Beauty and Fairy Idyll. I was in LOVE with both of these charts and at $30.00 for the pair I was suckered in. I haven't received these two yet, but I'll post when I do (should be by this weekend). No more ebay for me.



I was absolutely astonished when I received my gift from June at Butterfly Wings. Let me back up a little. Back in December (I think) June began stitching a lovely piece and began a contest for the first person to guess the design and designer of this piece. After much searching I finally found it and emailed her. Another follower was a bit quicker than I and found it before me. Didn't bother me as it was fun to search around and find tons of new gorgeous designs. And then I read the rest of dear June's email stating that she would be stitching gifts for the both of us! I was so very excited as I love her stitching. Well I received my package and O.M.G. Let me show you... these photos do it no justice...

The packaging was adorable!! Love the colors.

The card was so cute and so very sweet, albeit a wee bit blurry in the photo.

Inside the cutest bag (the little blue and white one) was the date book, magnetic bookmarks (I have already begun using), the heart clothespin, and the pretty ribbon (wrapped around one of June's beautiful bobbins I've been admiring).

The pincushion is stunning. So pretty and (I don't know how she knew) stitched/finished in some of my favorite colors. The little dragonfly is too stinkin' cute!! I must admit I was almost in tears. Happy ones of course. I was just struck by the amount of time and love and care went into this wonderful package of goodies. Obviously I had to send her the most mushy email I could muster up. :-) Go visit this wonderful woman if you haven't already.



Are you still with me? I know it's a long one. This part will be short and sweet.

I've continued on with Beauty and the Beast all this week since I do plan on putting it away again this weekend to pick up my new Mirabilia and some other WIPs that are begging for attention.

Last night wasn't the most productive, but there is still progress to be seen.


Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe has just announced another giveaway! This time it will be for a Spring, Easter, Primitive hand dyed trim bag. This woman has some amazing things. Hop on over to this post to enter.

One Unhappy Thing

If you've made it this far, I applaud you. I have one more update... MCG Textiles. The company I love and hate all at the same time. I apologize in advance for griping about them again, so you're more than welcome to skip this part. :-)

I called back at the beginning of February to find out why the fabric was wrong and why I didn't get my pearl filament. The woman I spoke with assured me she would send the filament out. She was confused about the fabric and said she would talk to someone (I don't remember who) and would get back with me. Haha. Right... so I've heard and received nothing *gasp, shock*

I finished gridding the center lines, both horizontal and vertical to send them photo evidence that they're wrong mistaken. The fabric is not evenweave, not by any stretch of the imagination. I think its about 26/27 count by 24/25 count. It would add an extra 3 inches horizontally and is about a half inch short vertically. I'm ready to tear my hair out.

I emailed them... again... on Feb. 23rd. I will be allowing them until Monday to respond. If not, I will be calling. I'm pretty sure they hate me at this point. I'm probably on some blacklist they have. Hahaha! They'll probably tell me they never received the email. UGH! I wish there was some way to complain that wouldn't result in me never getting anything I need from them again. Oh well...

Thank you for hanging on through this lengthy post!! Until next time...


  1. your new Mirabilia kit is lovely, I have a few in my stash drawer that I just haven't got round to doing, they are beautiful kits though. your beauty and the beast is beautiful work! SO much patience you have!

  2. What lovely gifts you received from June. That pincushion is so pretty and perfectly finished! I love all your new stash and Beauty is looking fabulous. I have heard mixed things about MCG, such a pity as their kits are very popular.

  3. Love your new stash Caitlin. Lovely gifts from June. Beauty looks awesome.


  4. Your new stash is lovely - even more so for being at bargain prices! And your gifts from June - no wonder you were in tears; they're stunning! :)

  5. Oh you lucky duck you, those Midas are just gorgeous and I don't blame you in the least for wanting to snap those up at such a great price What an absolutely beautiful package you received, that pin cushion is just beautiful. Your stitching is looking great. Sorry to hear you are still having problems with getting your fabric and filament sorted.

  6. It's a shame your having such bad experiences with MCG textiles, but a good thing you also got so much goodies to make up for the bad mood...great catches on ebay, and that gift package looks wonderful!

    1. You're absolutely right, new stash and some amazing gifts definitely made me smile! Now waiting to start it on the other hand is driving me nuts. lol.

  7. Oooooo.....gorgeous stash!! Can't wait to see you start :)
    And some more progress're busy!
    Lovely Lovely gifts from June
    And annoying that they're taking so long to get your fabric woes fixed! I've made a mental note to avoid anything of theirs - they're way too far for me to be getting stuff that isn't what I ordered, and if this is how they deal with customers then I'd rather just avoid their products entirely!

  8. Fantabulous new stash!!! At a bargain price too... so you're forgiven :D
    I have also been lucky to receive gifts from June in the past and I can fully understand how you've felt!!! Her finishes are just perfect :) She definitely has magical fingers :D
    Sorry to hear about the issues with this supplier (I've never heard of them before & now will definitely not use them). You should send them a signed for letter so they will not be able to say they have not received it. Unreal!! I hope things will get sorted soon x

  9. Beautiful new stash! That's a great price for them too. And what lovely gifts from June! I can't believe MCG Textiles is giving you such a hard time. They're a famous company! Idiots.

  10. Wonderful gift from June, a pretty design she chose to stitch and make up for you.
    Nice new stash.

  11. I love the three Miras you have chosen, and such great prices too.
    June's prize is lovely, so many sweet and thoughtful things included.
    Sorry to hear about your fabric woes, it would really put me off using the company.

  12. Oh my, your three new Mirabilias are fantastic. And one is even with everything you need for it. What a treat. You will have a lot of fun stitching them.
    You've received a nice gift from June, she's such a great fellow stitcher.
    I hope that your problems with MCG Textiles will soon be sorted out. That seems to be an ongoing drama.


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