Monday, February 2, 2015

I'm A Little Hermit

Short, but not quite stout. Lol

Anyway, I'm horrible at following along with the actual IHSW since my weekend plans are either brimming with too much to do or are non-existent. Somehow the weekends of freedom never fall when the hermit weekend is "planned". Well, I suppose I shouldn't say I had no plans as I did want to stitch to my heart's content. Which is exactly what I was privileged to do. DB is gone again for another training, leaving me and the pooches to do as we please.

Other Things

Little Giz, my Chihuahua, didn't leave the comfort of his blanket fort except to eat and, very rarely, venture out into the cold for a potty break. He hates this weather, just like his mommy.

The GSD on the other hand, likes nothing more than staying outside to watch stalk the squirrels in the trees. They have fun with him and throw things down in a futile attempt at knocking him out. Their aim is getting better by the week which is slightly terrifying...

I finally got to watch The Judge this weekend! I've been dying to see this one as I missed it when it was in theatres. I'll spare you the details, but if you're at all interested, check it out here. I loved it!

Stitchy Stuff

First up are my new stash items. I know, I know, I don't need anything else. But I wanted them and I couldn't beat the sale price (plus free shipping). So I've added Pinocchio (12x16) and Cinderella (12x16) along with a vignette of Pinocchio to my collection. :-) You can see them all on my rapidly expanding stash page.

I FINISHED A PAGE! Probably should have started off with this little tidbit of information. Lol. Hummers is officially one page down. We shall refrain from discussing how many are left. Kinda still looks small when you see the entire piece of empty fabric below my square of color, but I love how this one is turning out. Tons and tons of confetti so far, but as I looked through some of the other pages I was pleased to find that not every page will be this tedious.

Also, Jan 28-31 was the first official update for A New Stitchy Start 2015 SAL. Everyone posted their January progress and there are some fantastic projects going on! Go check it out!!!

Grumpy Owl has seen a few more stitches added to the background, not too terribly exciting yet. Stitching one color does go a bit faster so maybe I'll make it to the actual owl (aka the fun part) before too long. No photo of this one. It's quite boring so far.

I was in huge need of a needleminder, but wasn't really looking forward to shelling out $10+ (plus shipping) for one. So off to Hobby Lobby I went for supplies. Found some seriously strong magnets that are plated so they won't leave any funk on my fabric. It took my picky self forever to figure out what I wanted to use for the top. After much deliberation, I decided on this. My all time favorite Disney movie! Plus this little "book" was the perfect size.

Ooo, one more good thing. I found a $25 gift card I totally forgot I had! So I finally decided to order this little trinket. A, hopefully, very handy floss organizer.

I am getting a little tired of using index cards to hold my threads. Plus it's not exactly the most time efficient method. They don't carry it in store, but shipping to the store for pickup doesn't require I pay the shipping charges. Which I'm totally okay with. As of the moment pickup looks to be scheduled for Feb. 9. We can always hope it'll show up sooner though.

Annoyed Ramblings

I did get my fabric for Fantasia (yay), but much to my dismay when I went to start gridding it somehow didn't seem to be quite right. Yet again (boo). From my calculations it's 25-count, however when I called (forget email) MCG they told me they don't even make 25-count. Only the 28-count. I have NO idea what's going on. Ugh. Plus I never received my pearl filament. I'm guessing somehow while I was busy bitching asking about my fabric, they forgot about the filament.  Because, ya know, adding fuel to my fire is obviously amusing. :-( At least I have 8 other kits to borrow it from! Hahaha.

That's all I've got to ramble on about for the moment. Until next time!!


  1. Congrats one one page down Caitlin!! Yay!!!! That's super going!!!
    And how cute isn't that little needle keep!! You definitely "needed" it :D
    What a pity your fabric woes are not quite at an end!
    I've never used one of those floss organisers have to blog about it once you start using it!

  2. Lots of lovely progress, its looking super.
    Shame the fabric saga is still not sorted.

  3. Congrats on the page finish. It is looking amazing! I don't have a needle keep....yours looks super cute. And the thread organizer looks good too. I've never used one like that. You definitely have to post a review once you receive it. Next on my list is fabric for Maleficent, just haven't found what I want yet. I'm not even sure I should start another HAED while I'm working on this one. It may be too much to handle at once.

  4. Well done on the page finish, it looks amazing and I love the colours!!! Grrrrr, they still haven't fix your fabric/filament issue? I really hope you get this sorted very soon. I have that Pako Thread Organiser, it is a handy devise just a quick word of warning don't store it under anything heavy as the plastic pegs can break. Mine has gotten some rough treatment and one or two have snapped but it took a fair bit of neglect on my part to manage it. I also have the needle one but don't use it much I really must get into using it properly. Love your little needle keep.

  5. That new thread organizer looks perfect for someone who does the giant projects that you do, Caitlin! Nice progress on your WIP--hope the fabric saga gets resolved soon!

  6. Great job on the page finish :) It looks really pretty, so I guess all of the confetti did pay off after all :)

  7. So sorry you're still having problems with MCG :( The page finish looks amazing, great job!

  8. Congrats on the page finish Caitlin. It looks great. I just look at all that floss hanging down and shudder. Sorry to hear that your still having problems with MCG. Hope they correct it soon. Love your new stash.


  9. Your page finish is gorgeous!
    Did the company mean that THEY don't make 25ct or that 25ct doesn't exist at all? 'Cause I have 25ct and you can buy it fairly easily... so weird!

  10. It must feel great to have a page finish on such a large WIP. And I love your little mermaid needleminder.
    I have often thought about buying such a thread organizer myself but in the end haven't done it. It certainly is a great help when stitching a HAED or another big project with dozens of colours. I'm very curious to hear how you find it.


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